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Advancing Healthcare Operations with Innovative ERP Solutions

Explore the operational challenges encountered by the healthcare industry in the absence of ERP and unlock the transformative potential of our tailored ERP software. Whether navigating complex patient care workflows, optimizing resource allocation, or ensuring regulatory compliance, our ERP solution equips healthcare providers with the tools needed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver exceptional patient care.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare Operations with ERP Solutions

Explore the intricate operational challenges faced by healthcare institutions without ERP, and discover the transformative potential of our tailored ERP software. Whether managing patient records, optimizing resource allocation, or ensuring regulatory compliance, our ERP solution equips healthcare providers with the tools needed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver exceptional patient care.

Without ERP
With ERP
  • Paper-based Records: Hospitals rely on manual documentation, leading to inefficiencies and errors in patient data management.
  • Disjointed Systems: Lack of integration between departments results in fragmented information silos, hindering communication and coordination of patient care.
  • Manual Scheduling: Resource allocation, including staff, equipment, and facilities, is managed manually, leading to suboptimal utilization and scheduling conflicts.
  • Inventory Tracking Challenges: Tracking and managing medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and equipment inventory manually result in stockouts, wastage, and increased costs.
  • Manual Compliance Tracking: Healthcare facilities struggle to keep up with changing regulatory requirements and accreditation standards due to manual tracking processes.
  • Audit Preparation Delays: Manual documentation and data retrieval processes lead to delays and inefficiencies during compliance audits and inspections.
  • Centralized EHR System: Our ERP software offers a centralized platform for storing and managing electronic health records, ensuring accuracy, accessibility, and security.
  • Interdepartmental Integration: Seamless integration with various departments enables real-time access to patient data, facilitating collaborative care delivery and informed decision-making.
  • Automated Staff Scheduling: Our ERP solution automates staff scheduling based on patient demand, staff availability, and facility capacity, maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing idle time.
  • Inventory Management: Advanced inventory management features track medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and equipment in real-time, streamlining procurement, minimizing stockouts, and reducing inventory carrying costs.
  • Automated Compliance Monitoring: Our ERP software automates compliance monitoring processes, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and accreditation standards through proactive alerts and notifications.
  • Audit Trail Documentation: Comprehensive audit trail documentation facilitates compliance audits and inspections, providing a transparent record of actions taken and changes made within the system.

Attain Total Control Over Your Hospital Operations

Seamlessly integrate all aspects of patient care, from records management to resource allocation, with our comprehensive ERP solution tailored for healthcare institutions. With features designed to enhance operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, our ERP software empowers healthcare providers to focus on delivering high-quality patient care and achieving optimal outcomes.

Patient Repository

With our software, you can create a patient file for any individual who receives your healthcare services. Save important information for every patient. Our software’s integrated system, all data will be accessible to everyone in one place.

Healthcare Practitioners

Our software lets you create multiple practitioners (doctors, nurses, etc.) and link each one to their appropriate access permissions. You can also link each person to their employee documents, which lets employees access their leaves, payroll, and other HR data.

Practitioner Schedule

Physician schedule will help you configure the availability of healthcare practitioners. Set each person’s days and timings, then the system will block patient appointments within each practitioner’s schedule.

Patient Appointments

With complete visibility of every practitioner’s schedule, there’s no chance of double-booking appointment slots. You can even automate notification emails to be sent as soon as a patient books a consultation.

Document Storage

Doctors need to maintain various reports, notes and information for each patient. Instead of dealing with third-party storage apps, use ERPNext’s file attachments to store multimedia documents of any format — from text, PDFs, and reports to images or videos. This ensures that the patient record reflects all pertinent information.

Patient History

With the patient history report, you can view any patient’s historical records — primary details, allergies, past medications, patient interactions with doctors, and so on. See the lifecycle of a patient, right from the beginning of their journey with your healthcare unit.


No need to deal with messy email chains — email from your healthcare software itself! You can email your patients or their guardians about their appointments, medication, or follow-ups. Replies will be automatically fetched into the email thread in ERPNext, which keeps all correspondence in the same place.

Patient Encounters

Our software allows you to record every encounter with patients. You can create a patient encounter, either based on a previously booked appointment or by directly creating a new Patient Encounter. All patient-related details will be automatically populated, along with the latest vital signs, patient records, and other important information.


Record all observations and assessments of all patient consultations through prescriptions. Our configurable print format builder makes it easy to format the prescription — add your hospital’s letterhead, move data fields around, and show only the information you want. It’s beautiful, flawless formatting at your disposal with this easily configurable tool.

Clinical Procedures

You can use our software to map any clinical procedure — for example, wound cleaning, ultrasonography, endoscopy, or cataract surgery. Our software lets you preconfigure clinical procedure Templates so you don’t have to set default properties like consumables every time you order a procedure. Billing can also be automated based on the stock used in each procedure and the consulting doctor’s charges.

Medicines And Equipment

Our software features integrated inventory for a real-time view of product availability, stock levels in your warehouses, stock transfers, and more. Batched or serialized items? Take your pick. Scan barcodes with your device camera for blazing fast search through your stock of drugs, medical equipment, assets, and more.

Billing And Pricing

Invoice your patients and chase receivable payments with payment requests and email/SMS notifications. Process bills faster with custom print format templates and one-time configuration.

Automated Stock Replenishment

In an industry where the line between life and death is faint, you cannot afford to be short on important medicines. To prevent this, you can track an item’s reorder level. When the stock level goes below the reorder level, Our software will automatically create a material request. This helps you replenish inventory at exactly the right time and reduce chances of stock exhaustion.

On-The-Fly Customizations

Customize your own  healthcare software. Map your most important data by adding custom fields in your forms. Customize form behavior by auto-fetching values, hide fields based on user roles, and create custom print formats — all without a single line of code.

Integrate with your Favorite Apps

Our ERP Software has built in integration that helps you business take-off faster